Month: September 2014

“Data-driving Away Teachers” by Ikechukwu Onyema

This piece by Ikechukwu is eloquently put…
Sadly this is indicative of the direction of teaching today. We need to find a way to change this mindset. Not that I am advocating no testing whatsoever… The reason most teachers walk through the gates in the morning is not to be an administrator. We just want to be the vessel, the catalyst and the reason that children grow and learn new things everyday… Or am I just speaking for myself?



“Data-driving Away Teachers” by Ikechukwu Onyema

When I embarked on my journey as an educator, I imagined that my prime responsibility would be to create engaging lessons where my students lost themselves in the wonder of their curiosity.

It can take hours to scour the internet for a diverse array of photos, laminate them onto poster paper, and mount them around the classroom for a gallery walk as my students navigate and jot down the first thoughts that occur to them. This was an activity my co-teacher and I prepared as a preamble for a discussion about stereotypes.

How about compiling a set of pro/con articles for several different persuasive essay topics and uploading them onto our classroom social networking website to facilitate iPad research during our argumentative writing unit? More hours.

Then consider the time and care needed to grade each of these 90 assignments and return them back…

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