Month: January 2016

Finding Zero (and 6.5!)

This is a supplementary post to my original post ‘Looking for No.1’

This weekend I decided to extended my search of the Distance Markers as part of my walk. I have to located most of the remaining discs.

Let’s start at Queen’s Wharf. Yesterday I found the first marker outside Ferg’s Kayaks:


The next marker has alluded me. I used the ‘Map My Walk’ app to measure the 500m to the next point. I can only find what I think is the spot…


It looks like if this is the spot, then it has been removed for some reason. Again I use the app to track my distance to the 1k mark. I spot this in the vicinity:


I’m more convinced that this is the right spot as there is a distinct rust mark on the pavement, similar to that created at the 4k marker.

The markers from 1.5 to 5 were part of my first find. (Somehow, I have missed the 4.5 marker… I’ll get that one another day!)

At the other end of the route, it barely takes me 2 minutes to get to Evans Bay Parade from home and I spot the 6k disc from across the road.


I set the Map My Walk app to measure my distance for the remaining two markers which direction to go first? let’s go to 6.5 first.


I like it that someone has marked the pavement with a white line for this one. Perhaps it is used as a race starter…

I double back to find the 5.5k.


I suspect not many people would see this one as it is on part of the pavement that is seldom used. I would normally cut across a field by the tennis courts just past the beach to walk towards town so I would have never seen it.

4.5 is the only distance marker that I have missed now. Alas, its too hot and I have stuff to do so it will have to wait for another day!

Thanks again to Catherine Griffiths for the great idea and design.

This weekend was also about discovering new, hidden stuff…

Aoraki Biv


Apparently the three others that are still around are probably going to disappear in April 2016… I’d better write about that in another blog post… Let’s get hunting!