Month: September 2016

I’m Moving On…

This was only going to be a quick social media status update just to inform people of my next career move. I’ve decided to write this as a proper blog post as I feel that it deserves more than a few words on my timeline.

Term 4 sees the start of a new job in a new school. This is exciting as it will be a new challenge back in Auckland. It’s a Digital Technologies position, which is the first time I have seen such a role advertised in an intermediate school. This is indicative of how schools are beginning to change and it is what I found appealing which attracted me to apply for the job in the first place.

I’m pleased not to be starting from scratch. The school will already have some robotics kit and 3D printers to play with. There will be opportunities for the kids to tinker with other stuff such as electronics, computer programmes and experiments with sound and visuals. Most of all, it will be a chance for kids to develop their critical thinking and to work collaboratively. The role also gives me the chance to work with other teachers to integrate digital tools into their classroom teaching.

Working for The Mind Lab has been my dream job. I have learned so much and gained an insight into learning with kids from 5 to 55! (Yes, The Mind Lab teaches adults too!) Starting this new role will just be a continuation of that. The difference for me will be I will get to teach ALL of the kids in the school. (That will be a first in my career!) I will also get to work with other teachers collaboratively like I have never done before.

Working for The Mind Lab has afforded me a great opportunity. I have reconnected with old mates and made some new friends. I’ve worked with amazing people in Auckland, Christchurch, Gisborne and Welly. I will miss the innovative and eclectic environment. I will miss the stories I tell as part of my introduction about robot spiders that crawl out of the air conditioning. Or Optimus Prime who comes out of the buildings across the carpark and throws all the cars into the sea. Or the genetically modified broccoli that tastes of marshmallows. Or George and Mildred, the naughty monkeys that take the blame for everything that fails.

I’m glad for the chance to do what I consider to be the dream job for the last 18 months. I’m hoping to build upon what I have learnt and be a change agent in my new role. I’m looking forward to teaching Year 7 and 8 again.

That’s it. The full explanation. If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading… Over and out!


Tribute – Cologne Sept 2007

Looking at my FB ‘On This Day’ time today, I came across this picture. This is an example of the memorials that are all over the city commemorating all the Jewish people that were ‘taken’ from their homes during the World War II. Each plaque represents a person taken from the residence and has their name and details stamped on it. A fitting tribute…