Dropped: #PicOfTheDay 2017

5. * BRITISH informal

(of a DJ) select and play (a record).”various guest DJs drop quality tunes both old and new”

* informal

release (a musical recording).

It’s the first of February. I’m dropping a new #PicOfTheDay for 2017. 

Word of the day: Dropped.

Some of you may be thinking “I didn’t know you had started #PicOfTheDay again this year…” Well, Ed Sheeran has dominated the music charts all over the world within 48 hours of ‘dropping’ Shape Of You and Castle On The Hill. If dropping a new release good enough for Ed, it’s good enough for me! 😉 

I’ve been reinspired (Is reinspired even a proper word? I seem to have a red wavy line underneath it…) to do this after seeing this Jamie Livingston ‘Photo of the Day’ video on a recent Facebook post: 

Just to set the record straight, I’m starting again, but I’m doing things somewhat differently to my self-imposed rules from 2015:

  • I’m not committing to publishing a picture every day but I may publish more than one picture for the day 
  • I’m not committing to the full year but I may commit to doing this for longer than a year
  • Once in a while, I might work to a theme. (I’m open to any suggestions made to me.)
  • I’m also doing this as a gift to you. 

So, here is the first of this series.

‪#PicOfTheDay #010217 “(Last) Xmas Pop-up Market” #Filter Fame ‬

Maybe this is the perfect antidote to the current funk that is currently attached to many social media posts over the past year. Maybe you will be inspired to try for however long you want to do this for. I hope you enjoy what I hope to enjoy…
Peace. Xx


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