Month: July 2017

No More ‘News’


It has taken me the best part of a month to write this post. There have been a few major news items that have dominated the headlines and made this difficult for me to be neutral. No doubt, there will be something I have overlooked. I have probably overthought this but I *think* I’ve now got the wording right… Oh well, here goes!

On the morning of Friday 9th June, I quietly made the decision to stop following all ‘news’ feeds on Facebook. This means I’m saying farewell to ‘reputable’ news outlets like BBC and the Guardian from the UK and the NZ Herald and Newshub here in NZ. (You can forget the other extremist ‘news’ outlets like ‘The Pun’ or ‘Daily Fail’ which I have never followed.) 

My rejection of news sources on Facebook is about ‘having a rest’. I have had enough of the media rhetoric. I don’t want to have to endure the sensationalist ‘clickbait journalism’ anymore. I’m also over the effects of the echo chamber that social media has now become. 

It’s been over a month now and I have to say Facebook is a different, more pleasant experience for me. I’m relieved to not have to troll through endless versions of the same story fed to me by the ‘distorted algorithm’. I’m now viewing far more posts from real people. Life through the lens of FB is good again. 

I get the impression that people don’t want to see the news stories that I repost as I don’t get any ‘likes’ for them. I also don’t want to repost them as this contributes to the information overload. By not reading the news in my FB feed, I’ve found out my likeminded friends actually have a voice and I’m even enjoying reading the opinions of my not so likeminded friends. 

But to come back to why I’ve typically had enough of reading the news for now, take a look at the following example of what has become of the ‘neutral’ press: 

It’s not for me to tell you how to think. I leave you to draw your own conclusions on this. For me, the above article by Five Filters speaks for itself. For me, this is the straw that has broken the camel’s back. For me, it highlights just how wrong the media outlets have been with recent events in the US and UK. It also leaves me to ponder on where do I now go to read unbiased news stories easily and for free? 

At some point in the future, the news outlets may make a return to my FB feed. Maybe this enforced ban is here to stay. I’m inclined to think that at least for now, I’m better off without the white noise…