Month: April 2022

What’s in a Word(le)?

I think I can safely speak for the majority of us. I have constantly consider what we have all gone through in the last couple of years and how hard it has been for us all. It’s been a strange shift towards everyone expressing their opinions and thoughts on ‘doing the right thing’ in a time where the world is gripped in a pandemic. I have thought about how I’m going to deal with the last year or so without dwelling on all the negative energy. So, here is the way that I have chosen to put all of that aside.

I’ve been indulging in my new jam for the last 100 days… and that jam is Wordle! It’s great to have something to focus on for five minutes a day. (Or longer if the word is particularly awkward…) It’s great that it is the same word for everyone and that everyone around the world is doing it in unison. It’s great to share the results with friends and followers on social media. The small drawback is my mates living in the UK have to play catchup as our time zones mean that they are half a day behind me! But, most importantly, it’s harmless fun and I love it!

Wordle is one thing that has united the world in a way that no natural disaster, public protestor, peddled of misinformation or unfit for purpose political leader could ever do in the previous few years. But Wordle has also switched a lot of people off. Timelines filmed with black, yellow and green squares have also bought out the naysayers. It has made me consider, do I stop posting my results just to make a couple of people happy that they don’t have to see coloured squares on their feed anymore, or do I continue to post for the next 100 days? My response: I’m definitely in the ‘You do you and I will do me’ frame of mind. It’s a bit of fun, so feel free to mute, unfollow or unfriend me if Wordle really messes with your sensibilities. I’ll enjoy the fun. You can enjoy the silence…